Strategic branding and web design

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It’s time to take the guesswork out of branding your business.

You’ve got enough on your plate to worry about whether your brand is resonating with the right people. You need someone reliable, creative, and efficient to step in and take you through the process. That’s where I come in. My approach to design is methodical and personalized. I’ll bring your vision to life while incorporating industry best practices.


Here’s how I can help your business thrive:


It all begins with branding. More than just a logo, branding gives your business soul, value, and recognition. Whether your brand is new or in need of an upgrade, I’ll help it engage your audience through streamlined, strategic design.

Web Design

Having a solid web presence is essential for any business. Your website is often the first point of contact with your audience, therefore it needs to be user-friendly, professional, and showcase your brand’s unique story.

Graphic Design

Need ongoing design support for your brand? Wave good-bye to cookie-cutter templates. I offer a variety of print and digital design services to help your brand shine–from newsletters to social media graphics to slide decks, and more.

Recent Projects

Stephanie Corrigan was the partner one hopes for when starting her own business. She was thoughtful, imaginative, and, perhaps most important for me, committed to the vision of the business I was trying to create. Stephanie was always accessible and regularly asked for feedback and quickly made the adjustments required as a result of that feedback. I could not have asked for a more professional, engaged partner in creating my brand.

Michelle Hoover

Baem Leadership

Steph was an invaluable resource when we needed to rebrand our marketing communications. She listened to and perfectly executed our vision, and when we had no ideas she came up with a great design that matched and elevated our branding. She has the eye and the technical skills to pull it off, she was timely and great to work with!

Lane Brettschneider

Topgrading Inc.

On the Blog

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