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I help soulful entrepreneurs launch profitable businesses with ease.

My intuitive branding and web design process takes the guesswork out of building a powerful brand–so you can hone in on your zone of genius and build a business that supports your dream lifestyle.



Elevated design for soul-centered brands

Your brand is more than a business. It has personality, values, and a purpose. It solves problems and transforms lives. Through my signature design process, I help my clients first gain clarity around their brand identity and target market, and then create the visuals and content to effectively share their message with the world. The result? And aligned business that feeds your soul and your bank account.


brand identity design

web design + development

print + digital graphic design

copywriting + seo

digital illustration

Steph Corrigan Design Services

Recent Work

Minimalist web design mockup for Wild Moon Weddings

Wild Moon Weddings


Cultivate Financial Wellness responsive website design mockup

Cultivate Financial Wellness


Branding elements every business needs

Scarlett Studio


Black and white portrait of Stephanie Corrigan

Meet Steph

I’ve always been a creative type. As a kid, I spent most of my time writing stories, drawing, and making home movies (which I wrote, directed, starred in, and edited!) Fast forward 20 years, and my freelance design business was born. Since 2018, I’ve supported 40+ clients in various industries through strategic branding, web design, and graphic design. I turned my passion into a profitable business, and I’ve made it my mission to help you do the same!



Stephanie Corrigan was the partner one hopes for when starting her own business. She was thoughtful, imaginative, and, perhaps most important for me, committed to the vision of the business I was trying to create. Stephanie was always accessible and regularly asked for feedback and quickly made the adjustments required as a result of that feedback. I could not have asked for a more professional, engaged partner in creating my brand.

Michelle Hoover

Baem Leadership

I engaged Steph Corrigan to help me create and launch my career and life transitions coaching business brand and website. The experience of working with Steph has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She is consummately professionalresponsive, supportive and proactiveintuitive and creative. Steph brings a soulful approach to branding and design that aligns very much with my own business. I’m delighted with the end product. She’s the brand and design partner you’ll want in your corner — I cannot recommend her enough.

Benjamin Field

Individuation Coaching

On the Blog

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What’s a brand board and why does your business need one?

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