Visual designer creating strategic websites that help small businesses increase their reach and revenue.

Steph Corrigan Design is a boutique graphic design studio with a special focus on the wellness, lifestyle, and wedding industries.

Hi, I’m Steph, the designer behind SCD.

My path to becoming a visual designer began in an unsatisfying office environment.

Those years of feeling stifled and penned in led me to seek out a way of life that was free and fulfilling and full of ease, especially as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

So I poured my design talents and passion for supporting business owners into the foundation of Steph Corrigan Design.

Today, this ethos of calm, simplicity, and freedom is threaded throughout every element of my freelance graphic designer approach, from the high-end minimalist websites I create to the streamlined service packages I offer.

My ultimate aim is to equip you with a website that not only aligns with your business goals but also inspires you to share it confidently with potential clients, collaborators, media, and investors. It’s about creating an online home that genuinely makes your life easier.

My design work has been featured on websites like One Page Love and DesignRush.

Steph Corrigan Design Newsletter

Steph Corrigan was the partner one hopes for when starting a business.

“She was thoughtful, imaginative, and, perhaps most important for me, committed to the vision of the business I was trying to create. Stephanie was always accessible and regularly asked for feedback and quickly made the adjustments required as a result of that feedback. I could not have asked for a more professional, engaged partner in creating my brand.”

– Michelle Hoover, Baem Leadership

Wow. Stephanie was such a pleasure to work with!

“Amazing vision, perfectly outlined the strategy ahead of starting work. Her final branding was so perfect. I loved it right away, and it will massively help my business!”

– Ester Fried, Soulmate Coach

She went above and beyond to apply my ideas using her artistic talent.

“Steph was fun to collaborate with and she went above and beyond to apply my ideas using her artistic talent. Steph was incredibly flexible to work with and yet always met every deadline to ensure the timely progress of my project. I can tell she cares about the success of her clients and their brands which speaks highly of her character and integrity.”

– Julie Quick, Cultivate Financial Wellness

As your visual designer, here’s what I believe in…


As your trusted partner, I prioritize transparency every step of the way, communicating clearly and openly.


Sometimes when you know, you know. Intuition can often give the answers that cold, hard facts never will.


It’s my goal to help each of my clients find the freedom and fulfillment that comes with embracing their potential.


From building a brand to taking care of our planet, I’m all about sustainability because I’m in it for the long haul.

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