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A blogging course for small business owners who are ready to ditch the hustle and grow their business in a sustainable way.

You’ve worked so hard to build the business of your dreams – you created a beautiful brand and website, you have an offer suite that you’re proud of, and you’ve gotten incredible feedback from your customers. However, you’re spinning your wheels trying to get new people in the door consistently. You’ve tried Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook… and you’re plain exhausted trying to keep up with all the new trends.

There’s a more sustainable way to market your business – one that doesn’t require hustling on short-lived social media platforms and that will serve your business for years and years to come.

The answer is blogging.

Blog Money Magic

Blog, Money, Magic is an online course that will teach you how to sell your services and products through strategic blogging.

Blogging is the #1 marketing strategy for bringing targeted traffic to your website so that you can fill your funnel with leads who know, like, and trust your brand. In Blog, Money, Magic, you’ll learn everything you need to know about writing blog posts that your ideal customers actually want to read – and that will position you as their go-to expert in your field.

Blogging course for business owners

Blog, Money, Magic is for business owners who:

  • Are so over battling social media algorithms only to get their content seen for 5 minutes before disappearing into the abyss.
  • Are tired of always having to chase after their next client or customer. They want to implement a system that attracts new leads to them on autopilot.
  • Enjoy creating thoughtful content but only hear crickets every time they hit publish. Either no one’s interested, or their content’s just too hard to find (hint: it’s most likely the latter!).
  • Want to grow their email list because they know it’s a more reliable way to nurture and engage with their audience than a platform like Instagram, which could go down at any moment.
  • Would love to build up a passive income stream through digital products or affiliate marketing so they can work less and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Are interested in blogging but have no clue where to start. What the heck should they even write about, and how do they make sure people will actually read their content?

If you resonate with any of the above, blogging could be a complete game-changer for your business and life. Blog, Money, Magic was created just for you.

Course Curriculum

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Blog Strategy 101
  • The benefits of blogging for your business
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Conversion strategies
  • Creating + tracking your blog goals + objectives
Module 2: How to Write Binge-Worthy Posts
  • 3 types of blog posts with examples
  • How to come up with topics
  • How to outline + write a blog post
  • Proofreading + editing
  • Overcoming writer’s block
Module 3: Creating + Sourcing Quality Images
  • 8 types of blog images
  • Sourcing stock images + graphics
  • How to create custom graphics + infographics (no design experience necessary)
  • How to optimize images for the web
Module 4: Growing your Blog Traffic with SEO
  • What is SEO?
  • How to audit your SEO
  • On-page SEO: Finding + implementing targeted keywords
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO: “The next level”
Module 5: Repurposing your Blog Content
  • Time-saving social media strategies
  • Email marketing 101
  • Pinterest for business
  • Expanding into audio or video content
  • Content syndication: Reach a wider audience without doing more work
Module 6: How to Monetize your Blog
  • When + why to consider monetization (beyond your core business offers)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Memberships + digital products
  • Ads: Pros + cons


In addition to the core content listed above, you’ll also get:

✔️ Handy checklists + worksheets to ease implementation
✔️ Behind-the-scenes look at my workflow + analytics
✔️ Plenty of examples of blogs within different niches for ideas + inspiration
✔️ Biweekly live Q+A calls with me (Steph)
✔️ Personalized feedback on whatever you’re working on
✔️ Lifetime access to the course content, including future updates + additions

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