10 blue color palettes with hex codes

Sep 29, 2023 | Branding, Color Palettes, For Designers

Blue is a special color that evokes feelings of peace, serenity, and introspection. From the oceans to the sky, shades of blue are ubiquitous in the natural world and have resonated with humans for centuries. It’s no wonder that blue color palettes are a favorite among designers, artists, and interior decorators. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few curated blue color schemes and explore how they can bring a touch of magic to any creative project.

Blue color meaning

The color blue is rife with meaning. Because of its connection to the sea and sky, it’s often associated with feelings of calmness and serenity. In Western cultures, it also symbolizes stability, trust, and responsibility. This is why the color blue is so often used by corporate companies, such as law firms, medical centers, airlines, and other industries were trust is paramount.

If you’re a small business owner, however, don’t let the ubiquity of blue in corporate branding deter you from using this powerful color for your own brand. Blue is a very versatile color with many different shades to draw from for your palette. Depending on which shades you choose and how you pair them with other colors, you can create a wholly unique color scheme that’s just right for your brand.

Some examples of small businesses that are particularly well suited to blue color palettes include coastal boutiques, seafood restaurants, health and life coaches, private practices, personal trainers, healers, candle companies, fine artists, and interior designers.

10 blue color palettes

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of blue? In no particular order, here are 10 curated color palettes for anyone looking to add a touch of serenity and creativity to their project.

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1. Vibrant blue palette

Bright blue and yellow color palette

This palette feels bright, friendly, and creative. It’s a great choice for startups and marketing agencies.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #0540F2
  • #3D79F2
  • #77A0F2
  • #FFF6D2

2. Soft blue palette

Soft aqua blue color palette

This aquatic palette feels peaceful and soothing. It’s perfect for spas and for creating a coastal aesthetic.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #2477BF
  • #5FAAD9
  • #82C0D9
  • #A3D3D9
  • #F2F2F2

3. Dark neutral blue palette

Dark blue and neutral color palette

The deeper shades of this blue palette make it feel sophisticated and trustworthy. The neutral brown color complements the other colors beautifully.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #012340
  • #024059
  • #C5D5D9
  • #97A4A6
  • #8C6046

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4. Blue and purple color palette

Blue and purple color palette

This palette feels fresh, innovative, and bold. Blue and purple can also symbolize spirituality and wisdom.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #2924A6
  • #4D49BF
  • #EBEBF2
  • #BBC3F2
  • #5576D9

5. Blue and green color palette

Blue and green color scheme

This palette feels natural and soothing, with colors reminiscent of grass, sand, the sea, and the sky. It’s a great option for any health-related brand.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #487984
  • #C6D9DB
  • #EAE1D6
  • #6A7C5F
  • #C3CEBD

6. Blue and orange color palette

Blue and orange color palette

Blue and orange is a popular combination among corporate brands. Blue is trustworthy, whereas orange is warm and optimistic.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #304269
  • #86ABD4
  • #D9E8F5
  • #F26101

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7. Deep ocean blue palette

Ocean color palette

This palette, inspired by the varied depths of the ocean, feels slightly moody and introspective.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #012840
  • #025373
  • #03738C
  • #3FA8BF
  • #96D2D9

8. Earthy blue palette

Earthy and natural color palette

Another palette inspired by nature, anchored by secure and reliable brown.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #57473A
  • #6E8658
  • #73A1B2
  • #D0D5CE
  • #EFE9E1

9. Blue and pink color palette

Blue and pink color scheme

Blue and pink is a lovely, non-threatening combination with a slightly feminine feel. Pink often symbolizes love and kindness.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #313857
  • #598090
  • #bb7b85
  • #edbabc
  • #fff1f2

10. Cool blue palette

Cool blue color palette

This cool palette feels elegant and luxurious. It’s perfect for cultivating a high-end aesthetic for any brand or project.

Hex codes (top to bottom):

  • #081F5C
  • #7096D1
  • #EDF1F6
  • #D0E3FF
  • #F7F2EB

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Websites with blue color schemes

For additional inspiration, here are a few beautiful websites with blue color schemes.

Kin website with a bright blue color background


Kin keeps their color palette simple with a classic blue and white combination. The bright blue is bold and memorable and lets their work take center stage.

Lightspeed website design with blue and yellow color palette


Lightspeed, a VC company, keeps things soft with a light blue gradient. It’s a refreshing and unexpected choice compared to the black and white color scheme we typically see this industry using.

Myota website has a blue and coral color palette


Myota Health is a playful brand with a friendly color palette to match. Their primary brand color is a deep blue, which is paired with pastel shades of yellow, orange, and green.

Get support

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