10 modern color palettes for your brand and website

Dec 14, 2021 | Branding, Color Palettes, For Designers

Are you in the process of branding or re-branding your small business? If so, it’s important to choose the right colors in order to convey the look and feel you’re going for, whether it’s high-end, friendly, artistic, polished, playful, or something else. For your inspiration, here are 10 modern color palettes that I intentionally curated for businesses looking to elevate and modernize their brand and website.

But before you dive in, it’s important to first establish some clarity around who your business is trying to reach (i.e. your target audience), how you’re different from your competitors (i.e. your unique value proposition), and how you want your brand to look and feel.

If you haven’t established the above, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of my brand clarity workbook to work through these important foundational qualities of your brand. Then, when you return to this post, you’ll feel better prepared to curate the right color palette for your brand and website.

10 curated modern color palettes

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of color? Here are ten beautiful color palettes that can help bring your brand and website into the modern age.

P.S. Pin your favorite palettes to Pinterest for easy reference later on! Just hover over the image and click on the red Pinterest logo.

Color palette #1

Modern color palette 1

The first color scheme on our list is a great option for high-end, premium brands, such as interior designers, furniture or home decor brands, wellness brands, or any other kind of luxury brand. The combination of green and neutral colors is ideal for brands with natural, sustainable, or organic qualities.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Almost black: #121e26
  • Deep forest green: #283635
  • Light beige: #f4efeb
  • Beige: #d2c0b2
  • Clay: #9d6556

Color palette #2

Pink and orange color palette

Our second color scheme is friendly and feminine with warm shades of red, pink, and orange. This palette is perfect for boho brands. It could also work well for a beauty brand.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Terra cotta: #ae4e38
  • Coral: #db8065
  • Pink: #f19888
  • Sand: #f0d9c7
  • Gold: #d79330

Color palette #3

Bright modern color palette

Our third color palette is modern and trendy with contrasting colors of purple and bright blue. This palette is ideal for tech brands, such as SaaS companies, mobile apps, or other forward-thinking startups.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Purple: #9674d4
  • Midnight blue: #101356
  • Off-white: #fbfdf6
  • Bright blue: #81ffff
  • Grey: #e8e8e8

Color palette #4

Modern color palette 4

This color scheme is pretty unique with two shades of green, a deep midnight blue, and a pale neutral accent. The fifth color is white–yes, white counts as a color in your palette! Adding white to a palette can help it look cleaner and fresher overall.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Pale green: #dde7dd
  • Earth green: #6a8f6b
  • Midnight blue: #221c42
  • Pale: #ffe0c9
  • White: #ffffff

Color palette #5

Olive color palette

If you’re looking for a neutral palette for a wellness-minded brand, our fifth color scheme is a great option for you. These organic shades of olive green and beige pair beautifully together to create an organic and premium look.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Dark olive green: #3f4022
  • Olive green: #887b56
  • Linen: #f1f1f1
  • Tan: #dac4b3
  • Warm beige: #d8a788

Color palette #6

Orange modern color palette

If neutral colors aren’t your thing, how about this bright purple-pink and orange palette? This color scheme is perfect for any brand that’s both playful and modern.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Purple-pink: #d98fcc
  • Almost black: #030d0b
  • Light beige: #f2e8df
  • Orange: #f28749
  • Red-orange: #f27649

Color palette #7

Neutral brown modern color palette

Who says brown has to be boring? Sometimes, neutral palettes really are the best way to go for certain brands. For instance, if you sell clothing or jewelry that comes in lots of different colors, you wouldn’t want your product photos to clash with your brand colors on your website.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Beige: #d9c0a3
  • Earth brown: #593c22
  • Dark tan: #a67b56
  • Light grey: #f2f2f2
  • Almost black: #0d0d0d

Color palette #8

Modern orange and blue color palette

Here’s another clean and modern color palette that has a slightly corporate look, but with an edge. A palette like this one could work well for a business that needs to appeal to corporate clients but also wants to infuse some unique qualities into their brand, like a fun personality or friendly spirit.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Almost black: #0f1026
  • Deep dark blue: #1b2040
  • Cornflower blue: #4973f2
  • Orange: #f2911b
  • Silver: #f2f2f2

Color palette #9

Modern lavender color palette

Our ninth color palette is another option for brands that aren’t afraid of a little color. The purple and red shades in this palette contrast beautifully against one another. Overall, it makes for a fun, unique, and very modern look.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Lavender: #c189d9
  • Faded lavender: #c596d9
  • Warm grey: #d5d9d2
  • Bright red: #f24405
  • Coral: #f27457

Color palette #10

Modern green and yellow color palette

Last but not least, our tenth modern color palette is a beautiful combination of a rich dark green and various shades of yellow. An outdoor brand or environmental nonprofit would both be able to pull off this palette with its natural colors. The yellows infuse warmth and positivity, which is a great way to use color psychology to inspire your audience.

Modern color palette hex codes (top to bottom):

  • Deep green: #2a5948
  • Bright yellow: #f2e527
  • Sunflower: #f2d027
  • Yellow-orange: #d99a25
  • Light grey: #f2f2f2

Next steps

Looking for more color palette inspiration for your brand? Head on over to my color palettes board on Pinterest. As a brand and web designer, I spend a lot of time browsing and curating color palettes, fonts, mood boards, and other visual inspiration.

Need a hand in crafting the perfect color palette, logos, and look and feel for your brand? You’re in the right place. Click here to learn how I help visionary entrepreneurs elevate their brand and multiply their revenue through strategic branding and web design.

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