One Day Website

Experience the easiest and fastest way to launch your new website.

Let me guess – you’re here because you need a website for your business yesterday.

As a small business owner, you know that a professional website is essential in order to legitimize your business, collect leads, and build a lasting brand.

Maybe you’ve been relying on social media and word-of-mouth to reach potential clients, and although it may sort of work, you’ve realized it’s not a sustainable way to grow your business.

Maybe you tried your hand at DIY’ing your website, but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t get it to look how you envisioned.

Or, perhaps you already have a website, but you’re too embarrassed to share it with anyone!

Whatever the reason, if you need a professional website minus the hassle and long wait time, you’re in the right place. Our One Day Website experience was intentionally created with busy entrepreneurs like you in mind.

One Day Website Mockup

The One Day Website Process

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Choose a template

Select either a WordPress template from our shop or your favorite Squarespace template. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, we’ll help you pick!

Step 2: Book a date

Select a date in our calendar, complete the intake form, and submit a 50% deposit to secure your spot. We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for prep work.

Step 3: Prep work

You’ll receive a complimentary workbook to help you write content for your new website. We’ll also hop on a one-hour prep call to discuss your website goals and vision before getting started.

Step 4: Launch it

Sit back and relax while the magic happens. I’ll install the template, upload your content, and customize the colors and fonts. At the end of the day, you’ll have a live, fully functional website!

What’s included

So much more than just a pretty website.

content workbook

Not sure what to write or how to write it? Our workbook will help you put pen to paper so that your website not only looks good, but also speaks directly to your audience.

one-hour prep call

We’ll meet for an hour over Zoom to review your content and branding, define the visual direction for your site, and make sure we have everything we need for the big day.

wordpress installation

Don’t have WordPress installed (or not even sure what that means)? I’ll help you select a hosting plan and get all the tech stuff squared away so we can hit the ground running.


Intuitive visual editor

Our website templates are built using a premium visual theme builder for WordPress called Divi. As a client, you’ll get free access to my lifetime Divi license ($249 value).

Blog setup

Want to start blogging so you can position your expertise and reach a wider audience through SEO? Each template includes a blog page so all you’ll have to do is start writing.

newsletter integration

If you’re building an email list and/or have a free lead magnet to share with your audience, I’ll help you integrate a beautiful newsletter signup form across your site.

mobile optimization

With about half of Internet users browsing on their phones, it’s never been more important to have a mobile responsive site. Lucky for you, this comes built into your template.

SEO essentials

SEO is kind of my jam. I’ll make sure your One Day Website is search engine friendly by adding keywords to your page titles, meta descriptions, and image tags.

video tutorial

At the end of our One Day Website experience, you’ll receive a video tutorial with easy-to-follow instructions on how to maintain and update your website moving forward.

The Investment

Luxury design without the luxury pricetag.

This experience is for you if you:

  • Own a service-based business (i.e. creative services, coaching, consulting, etc.)
  • Need a professional website but aren’t ready to invest in custom design
  • Are overwhelmed by the DIY process and prefer to hire a design expert to take the reins

Consider a custom project instead if you:

  • Own an e-commerce business
  • Have or need a large website (10+ pages)
  • Need to gather feedback from other stakeholders during our project; this process works best when we work together one-on-one!


Does this include branding?

No – in order to create the best possible website for your business, it’s helpful to have your branding finalized ahead of time. If you don’t have any branding to work with, we can add either a VIP Day or Branding Intensive to your project. 

Are there any other expenses to consider?

In order to launch a WordPress website, you’ll need to purchase the following:

  • Hosting plan (click here for my recommendations)
  • Domain (i.e. yourbusiness.com)

Pricing varies depending on which plan and service provider you choose.

Additional (optional) expenses for a website may include:

  • Professional branding
  • Professional copywriting
  • Professional photography
  • Premium stock photography (I love Moyo Studio)
  • Premium font licensing

If you have questions about any of these, you’re welcome to schedule a free discovery call with me before booking your One Day Website.

What do you need from me?

In order to create your website in one day, I’ll need:

  • Access to your WordPress or Squarespace account
  • Your completed website content (i.e. text and images for each page)
  • Any branding assets you can provide (i.e. logos, fonts, color palette, style guide, etc.)

As part of the onboarding process, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to provide these.

How far in advance can I book?

You’re welcome to book your One Day Website up to two months in advance. We also recommend booking no sooner than two weeks in advance, unless you already have your branding and content finalized.

How do I pay?

I accept secure payments via credit card and PayPal. A 50% deposit is required upfront in order to secure your project date. The remaining amount is due on our project date.

Do we have to be in the same time zone?

Unfortunately, this process won’t work if we’re located on opposite ends of the world. Therefore, I’m only able to accept clients based in the continental US and Canada (ideally on the East Coast). That said, my custom branding and web design services are available to clients worldwide!

What's Divi?

Our website templates are built using an intuitive visual theme builder called Divi. Click here to learn more about Divi and why it’s a favorite among designers and non-designers alike.

Which platforms do you work with?

As part of the One Day Website experience, you can choose to create either a Squarespace website using your template of choice or a WordPress website using one of the templates from my shop.

At this time, we do not work with Wix, Weebly, Showit, or other platforms. We also do not work with WordPress themes created by other third parties.

Should I go with Squarespace or WordPress?

If you like the templates in my shop, you should go with WordPress since they aren’t available for Squarespace. Otherwise, you should choose whichever platform you feel the most comfortable with. If you’re unsure, don’t worry, I’ll help you choose the best fit for you!

Will I be able to edit my site on my own?

Absolutely! The reason I use Squarespace and Divi for building websites is that they’re intuitive enough for my clients to be able to manage their site on their own after we work together. As part of the One Day Website experience, you’ll receive a video tutorial with instructions on how to edit and update your site moving forward.

What's your cancellation policy?

Please refer to the project Terms for details on our cancellation and rescheduling policies.

I have more questions--can we talk?

Sure thing! Click here to book a free, 30-minute discovery call.

Get Started

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