Baem Leadership

Baem Leadership is a woman-owned business consulting brand based in NYC. I worked with Baem from the ground up to create a new, cohesive brand identity and website. The brand is minimalist and and professional. Because snakes have symbolic meaning for the brand (“baem” means snake in Korean), I incorporated snake imagery into the logo designs.


Squarespace website design
Collateral designs: business card, letterhead, newsletter template, email signature, social media cover images, slide deck template, holiday e-card


Baem provided a creative brief, which outlined their mission, the meaning behind the name, the value of their services, their branding objectives, and some sample websites for reference. I also had them complete my comprehensive branding questionnaire, which examined their branding objectives in greater depth.

With the creative brief and completed branding questionnaire in hand, I then went to work curating inspiration for the project. I created a mood board, and after a couple revisions, we settled on a color palette and overarching design aesthetic for the brand–minimalist, bold, and polished with a subtle touch of femininity.

After we finalized the mood board and color palette, I began work on Baem’s logos. Because snakes have symbolic significance for their brand, I created a couple different snake vectors to complement the brand. I also sourced a beautiful serif font for the logo called Argent.

Next, we moved on to the business card design and other collateral design elements. And finally, I created Baem’s website on Squarespace. The design is template based with a few custom code modifications. I also consulted on stock image selection for the site.

Click here to view Baem’s live website.

Primary logo

Secondary logo


Baem Leadership web design
Baem presentation slide template design

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