Charmaine Pauls


Charmaine Pauls is a USA Today bestselling author specializing in dark romance. Her novels contain dark and controversial themes but always feature everlasting, fated love with happy endings. The majority of Charmaine’s fans are women, and her books have been published in six languages.

The objective for this project was to create a new, cohesive, and timeless brand identity that aligns with the themes and quality of Charmaine’s work.


Brand identity design

Charmaine Pauls brand guidelines

Primary + Secondary Logos

Pictured below are the logo variations I created for the brand. The primary logo font is the client’s preferred author font that she uses on her book covers. The tagline is displayed in a beautiful script font that alludes to a handwritten love letter–or an author hastily scribbling notes for her work. Altogether, there are 3 main logo variations, plus a logomark and author signature, that create versatility for the visual brand identity.

The custom heart logomark incorporates pen strokes and blots of ink. These decorative details convey that love can be messy, imperfect, and yet still beautiful. The details are subtle and refined enough that the heart can be scaled to large or small sizes without diminishing the overall effect. The heart was intentionally created as a solid color so that it can easily be adapted to different colors and backgrounds for merchandise.

primary logo

secondary logo

round logo



The color palette features black and various shades of pink. Two of the pink colors were taken from the brand’s previous palette, and two new shades were added in order to create more contrast. Black hints at the dark themes of the brand and contrasts beautifully against the pink colors.

Charmaine Pauls mug merchandise design mockup
Charmaine Pauls homepage mockup


Here’s what Charmaine had to say about our project:

It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie on my branding. She had a great grasp of the concept and how to visually portray the values of the brand. I appreciated her flexibility and open-mindedness to feedback. Her excellent organizational skills ensured a smooth process that was executed within the set deadlines. The brand guidelines are comprehensive, clear, and neatly presented. This is the best investment I could have made for my brand. I highly recommend Stephanie’s services.”

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