Ester Fried

Ester Fried is an expert soulmate coach who helps women find true love through spiritual tools and inner work. She currently supports women through her unique coaching program, Single to True Love. In the future, she plans to expand her reach through group programs, speaking opportunities, and books.

The objective of this project was to create a powerful personal brand that embodies Ester’s personality and values, resonates with her ideal clients, and positions her as an expert.


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Responsive web design for Ester Fried

Primary + Secondary Logos

The primary and secondary logo feature an elegant, clean, and friendly script font. A gold, handrawn heart dots the “i” and subtly alludes to the brand’s mission of helping women find true love. The gold heart can also be seen as a metaphor for a wedding ring, symbolizing the goal of the brand’s ideal clients to get married.

The alternate logo replaces the script font with a clean, rounded sans serif. This variation can be used in applications where the scipt font is hard to read, or in any context where a simpler logo variation is preferable. The gold heart over the “i” connects this variation to the primary logo.

In the second row are the submark and favicon. These variations are ideal for applications where the other logo variations wouldn’t fit; for instance, in a social media profile image. The submark can be added to social media graphics and photos to “brand” the images.

primary logo

secondary logo

alternate logo




The color palette is warm, deep, and feminine, featuring burgundy, purple, and gold. Burgundy symbolizes love and passion, whereas purple represents luxury, wisdom, and spirituality. The elegant palette helps create a high-end, exclusive look and feel for the brand.


The section on the right showcases the font pairing chosen for the brand. The heading font is Glacial Indifference, and the body font is DM Sans.


This is a subheading

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Ester Fried business card mockup
Custom homepage design for soulmate coach Ester Fried
Ester Fried brand guidelines


Ester was delighted with the results of our branding project. The first set of designs I presented were approved with only one minor edit needed for the submark. Since no major revisions were needed, we were able to complete the project from start to finish in just 2 weeks!

Here’s Ester’s feedback on our branding project:

“Wow. Stephanie was such a pleasure to work with! Amazing vision, perfectly outlined the strategy ahead of starting work. Her final branding was so perfect. I loved it right away, will massively help my business! Can’t wait to incorporate it all into my website and all branding elements. Great communication! Very artistic and professional. Highly recommend!!!!”

After we completed the branding project, we continued to work together on Ester’s website. I designed a custom website in Adobe XD and developed it in WordPress using Divi.

View Ester’s live website at esterfried.com.

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