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Lidera Consulting

Lidera is a small leadership consulting firm whose mission is “to teach leaders how to inspire the best in themselves and others, easily.” The objective of this project was to establish a fresh visual identity that positions the brand as innovative, credible, and inspirational, and emulates the brand’s values of simplicity and ease and affinity for nature. The target audience is front-line leaders, including VP’s, directors, managers, supervisors, or entrepreneurs with small teams.


Brand identity design
Landing page design

Lidera business card mockup

Primary + Secondary Logos

The brand logos feature a script font, color gradient, and simple leaf illustration. As a subtle way of reflecting the client’s mountain climbing background, I tilted the word “Lidera” in the primary logo, which creates the illusion of an upward ascension.

The secondary logo variation separates out the “L” with the leaf as a standalone icon. This variation gives the brand more visual versatility, while still maintaining a consistent look. The icon also works well on its own as a favicon.

Overall, the logos are clean, simple, yet unique. Their simplicity and modern look and feel appeal to both large corporate clients and small business owners alike. The bright colors and playful script help to convey the personable and easygoing qualities of the brand.

primary logo

secondary logo

simple logo


Brand Style Guide

Lidera brand style guide


The color palette is inspired by the colors of nature–green, blue, and gold. These colors are reminiscent of mountains, trees, leaves, the sky, and the sun. They also look professional, balancing corporate blues with more vibrant shades of green and yellow.


The client was thrilled with Lidera’s new brand identity and expressed appreciation for my listening skills and streamlined process. The logos only required one round of revisions, which allowed us to wrap up the project in just under 4 weeks. After completing this project, I worked with Lidera again on a landing page design, and I look forward to more collaborations as the brand grows!

Here’s what the client had to say about our collaboration:

“Stephanie is a masterful graphic designer and rebranding artist. I’ve had my leadership consulting business for over 10 years. I knew what little branding I had, didn’t represent me or my services, but I didn’t know where to start to improve my branding. Stephanie skillfully lead me through a rebranding process that was easy for me, yet magically produced the perfect logo, brand and color scheme for me. I’m so proud to share my new logo and brand now. If you’re looking for someone to help you brand or rebrand your company, you have to go with Stephanie Corrigan.”

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