Patrick Charles Thornton

Patrick is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and author whose mission is to demystify the entrepreneurial process. Patrick offers 1:1 business consulting to entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck and looking for clarity on what they need to do next. In addition, he writes children’s fantasy stories that are ripe with adventure and philosophical meaning.


Brand strategy
Brand identity design
Website design + development

Homepage design for entrepreneur and author

Primary + Secondary Logos

Pictured below are the primary, secondary, and submark logo designs. The submark is a simple, clean monogram with “Tolkien-esque” details. The font used for the logo is called New Spirit and was selected because it looks both friendly and professional with rounded, slanted letters and subtle serifs.

The logos are intentionally minimalist and timeless. They are flexible enough to represent both sides of Patrick’s personal brand identity: the assertive businessman and the fun, adventurous author. The result is a single, cohesive visual identity for Patrick’s personal brand that can grow with him over time.

primary logo

secondary logo



The color palette features natural shades of green, brown, and beige. They are warm and masculine and help to visually convey the client’s brand values: generosity, accessibility, impact, positivity, and adventure.


I designed Patrick’s custom website in Adobe XD and developed it using the Divi theme for WordPress. The website includes 7 pages: Home, About, Author, Entrepreneur, Consulting, Blog, and Contact.

The website features large images, subtle animations, and big, bold typography. The copy was written by the client based on wireframes and prompts that I provided. The tone is professional, friendly, and humorous.

Brand guidelines for Patrick Charles Thornton
Custom branding for entrepreneur and author
About page for entrepreneur and author

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