SMALL BUSINESS SEO SERVICES FOR service-based professionals

Attract new clients beyond social media and referrals with my SEO consulting services

Expand your visibility into an untapped market of potential clients: Google search.

Website mockup for SEO Kickstarter client

You can have the perfect website but if nobody visits it, then it’s a complete waste of time, effort, and money. You need to make sure that people find your website. Steph goes into your website and does all those technical SEO things for you, as well as gives you advice to improve additional things from an SEO perspective. And then you’ll be able to see that people are actually visiting your website!

Steph makes the SEO process really easy. She shows you an outline of what the steps are going to be to improve your website’s SEO, and then the rest of the experience is completely frictionless, from sharing files to paying invoices. I highly recommend working with Steph to improve your SEO.”

-Marie LaRiviere, Founder, Key Insight Advisory

You love your website. But there’s one problem ↓

Your website isn’t findable.

When your website doesn’t appear in Google search results, it’s only doing half its job, converting but not attracting.

Currently, you might…

  • Have to rely on referrals, which can feel like you have less control over who you work with
  • Put a lot of effort into your website, but no one is seeing it, so you feel like that time or financial investment was wasted
  • Spend hours on social media content every week, wishing you had a more passive, long-term way of getting new clients

And while you could put in the hours to learn and apply SEO on your own, you’re wondering if there’s a better small business SEO services solution…

Wedding venue website designed in one VIP day

SEO Kickstarter: Sprint-style SEO consulting services

SEO Consulting Services with Steph Corrigan Design

A quick and effective solution for boosting your Google ranking

Here’s why my SEO consulting services could be the ideal solution for you:

  • Fast. You get full optimization in just one week, not a months-long commitment.
  • Minimalist. You get the essentials you need to rank on Google, not an overwhelming tech to-do list.
  • Affordable. You get SEO for your level of business, not a pricey solution meant for larger companies.

SEO Kickstarter is the perfect small business SEO services option for those looking for expert implementation without overdoing their budget.

Ready to be findable?

If your ideal clients are using Google, you need to be there, too.

What’s included in SEO Kickstarter

SEO consulting services envisioned for
service-based companies like yours


Website Audit


One-Hour Strategy Call


Google Analytics + Search Console Setup


SEO Keyword Research


SEO Implementation on 5 Pages


Local SEO Support (Optional)


Keyword Bank for Blog Posts


Detailed Summary + Action Plan

Investment: $1500

Get set up to be findable in just one week.

Payment plans are available.

Look ahead to your 5-day SEO Kickstarter experience:

Get set up for SEO success in just one week.

Small business SEO services to help you tap into a new market of potential clients.

Common Qs and As about SEO Kickstarter

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Some clients see results within 3 weeks, and others see results after 3-6 months. It depends on a lot of factors, such as how long ago you established your website domain, how competitive your industry is on Google, and more.

In general, SEO is playing the long game, so I recommend viewing this investment as mastering a key foundational element of your marketing, not a quick fix for slow sales.

I thought SEO was for your blog. Is that what this is?
My SEO consulting services revolve around foundational SEO. This means I optimize important web pages like your Home page and Services pages to improve their ranking on Google.

After you’ve completed your SEO Kickstarter week, your blog takes center stage. That’s why I provide you with a keyword bank exclusively for future blog posts, helping you get even more traffic with your blog content.

What happens after our SEO Kickstarter week?

After your SEO Kickstarter week, you can choose to receive monthly support to maximize your SEO results and track your ranking.

I will present a range of options for ongoing support based on your needs (for example, analytics reports, troubleshooting errors, web maintenance, and more).

What exactly will you change on my website?

It depends on what I find in your Website Audit, but here are some things I might adjust:

  • Meta title and description
  • Copy
  • Image alt tags
  • Technical errors
  • User experience
  • Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics
How do I know if SEO is a good investment for me?

If your ideal clients are using Google to search for services like yours, then it’s most likely a smart investment for you.

Book a 15-minute intro call to find out if you, specifically, will see results or not from SEO.

When can we start?

Typically, we’ll be able to get started within a few weeks of receiving your inquiry.

Expand your reach to the world’s #1 search engine.

Contact us today to start the process.