Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to keep up with new marketing trends?

Let’s be real: marketing can be exhausting. Especially if you’re a small business owner with limited time and resources.

To make matters worse, every marketing guru you follow is offering advice that seemingly contradicts each other.

Advice like:

  • “Post daily reels + stories on Instagram and also engage with 5 new accounts a day and also go live once a week”
  • “Post 3x a day on TikTok until one of your videos goes viral. Rinse and repeat”
  • “Start a YouTube channel and repurpose the audio on a podcast and also write a blog post about the same topic and repurpose that into 5 Instagram posts”

… sound familiar? I’m not even exaggerating – these are real strategies that I’ve seen people promote online.

The strategies themselves aren’t the problem. The problem is that they require way too much time and effort for a single person to do consistently without burning out.

What if I told you there’s a simple way to grow your online audience that only takes a few hours each month and produces exponential results over time?

The answer is SEO.

But first, a short trip down memory lane…

When I started my freelance design business in 2018, I didn’t know anything about marketing.

So, I followed the predominant advice at the time, which was to start a blog and build a personal brand on Instagram.

Over the next couple years, my website traffic steadily began to climb, while my Instagram following remained fairly stagnant.

Screenshot of my website traffic growth from 2019-2023

In 2020, I started to learn about SEO and developed a more strategic content strategy involving keyword research and optimization.

And gradually, I started to get more and more client inquiries from Google. In other words, potential clients were searching for terms on Google that led them to my blog, which then converted them into a lead.

For the past 3 years, Google has been my #1 source of client inquiries. It has also helped me grow my newsletter to over 1,700 subscribers.

Thanks to SEO, my audience and leads grow steadily each and every month, with just 3 hours or less of effort put in each week. And I can help you achieve the same results.


The SEO Essentials Kit

A beginner-friendly online course on how to use SEO to increase your Google rankings and grow your website traffic intentionally

What you’ll learn:


How SEO works

Discover the most important factors search engines use rank websites in search results and how to optimize them


Keyword research

Learn a simple framework for finding the right keywords to target for your website


SEO Content writing

Find out how to write SEO-friendly website content that ranks on Google and attracts your ideal audience


link building

Learn how to make your website more “authoritative” to search engines by acquiring backlinks from high-quality websites


technical seo

Get a primer on how to set your website up for success (even if you’re not tech savvy)


Analytics and maintenance

Discover which metrics are important to track over time and how to maintain your growth

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