Brand Audit

What if you knew exactly what to change about your brand?

Booking a brand audit is the simplest way to find the treasure buried in your current brand.

I know you’re here for a reason.

  • Does your brand feel muddled and thrown together?
  • Are you confused about how to communicate your value–or what that value really is?
  • Not sure how to differentiate your brand in a crowded market?
  • Lacking a clear vision and direction for your business?
  • Don’t feel confident putting your brand out there?
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I hear you and I’m here to help.

Assess where you’re at and gain clarity on what to do next through a comprehensive brand audit.

Take a break from scouring the Internet for answers and downloading vague freebies that leave you more confused than when you started. Instead, talk to a real person who’s not only a branding expert, but who genuinely cares about your business. I’ll help you gain all the clarity and direction you need in just one week through a strategic brand audit.

A brand audit is for you if:

  • You have an amazing offer that’s generating meaningful results, but you’re not sure how to attract the right clients
  • You’re confused about whether you need a niche and how to define one
  • You feel like there’s a gap between your current brand and your vision for your business, and you’re not sure how to fill it
  • You don’t feel confident putting your brand out there (online or offline!)
  • You’re ready to stand out among your competitors in all the best ways

If any of this is resonating, you’re in the right place!

A brand audit will help you tackle whatever blocks are currently holding you back from building your dream business.

Hi, I’m Steph, and I want to be the resource I wish I had when I started my business.

As a brand and website designer, my job is so much more than making sure your brand looks good (but that is an important part, let’s be honest). In fact, one of my favorite parts of my job is helping entrepreneurs like you understand and move beyond roadblocks in business.

The most important thing you need for a successful brand is strong foundations. You have to understand who your brand is for, what your purpose is, and how to articulate your vision. It’s difficult work, but it’s so crucial.

Our brand audit is perfect for you if you aren’t attracting the right clients, you don’t know how to bridge the gap between your vision and your reality, or if you simply have the feeling that something is just…off.

It’s my privilege to look at your brand, highlight weaknesses and strong points, and help you create a game plan to bring your dreams to life.

Steph Corrigan brand and web designer


Here’s what you get with every brand audit.

Homework, in the form of our brand clarity workbook (and anything else we might need)


One-on-one clarity session with our founder, Steph Corrigan

Detailed research and analysis of your specific brand


Follow-up call to discuss results and recommendations

All the answers you need in just a week.

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P.S. If you book a branding package within 72 hours of completing the audit, the price of the audit will be deducted from your package investment.

What they’re saying about Steph Corrigan Design

“She’s the brand and design partner you’ll want in your corner — I cannot recommend her enough”

– Benjamin Field, Career + Life Transitions Coach

“This is the best investment I could have made for my brand.”

– Charmaine Pauls, Bestselling Dark Romance Author

“Stephanie Corrigan was the partner one hopes for when starting her own business.”

– Michelle Hoover, Baem Leadership