One Week Website

For the entrepreneur looking for a next-level website fast.

Sometimes the switch from brand-new business owner to full-time entrepreneur happens faster than you expected.

It can feel like your current website doesn’t cut it.

Like your copy is missing… something but you just don’t know what.

You’ve been in the game for a while – and you’re used to wearing a lot of hats – but it’s starting to feel like time to outsource your creative.

Or, maybe you’re a newer business owner. You could be starting from scratch but you know you want to go to market with a bang and you’re ready to get started ASAP.

Custom Web Design for Startup

That’s what the one week website is for.

For the entrepreneur who is too advanced for a DIY website and templated copywriting.

But not in the mood to wait 4-6 weeks for market research, strategy, copywriting – and then repeat the entire process again for design.

There’s a time and a place for a full-out web copy and design project.

But for you? It isn’t now.

That’s why we created the One Week Website.

One Week Website with Haley

Why Haley?

I (Haley, that’s me, the one writing this) am a marketer, strategist, and copywriter all rolled up into one. I worked with Steph to pull together my website in just 2 days – one on copy, one on design – because I needed more than what I could do on my own, but I wasn’t looking for an intense design deep dive. If you ask me, we nailed my site design, and the idea for the One Week Website was born.

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One Week Website with Steph

Why Steph?

Web design queen and development wiz, Steph realized that most of the clients who came to her with a tight timeline were trying to DIY their own copy. While there is nothing wrong with a DIY approach, these clients typically didn’t actually have the time to write their copy, let alone do it justice. Partnering with a quick and snappy (and ethical to boot) copywriter – it’s Haley again, you’re too kind – was an obvious choice to bring the One Week Website experience to life.

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The One Week Website Process

How it works

1. Fill Out a Brief Application

Nothing scary! Just some basic info to make sure we are a good fit for each other and we can nail your vision for your One Week Website. If we’re a good fit, we’ll send you a link to book an optional call to answer any questions you may have for us.

2. Pick a date

While we can make a One Week Website happen pretty quickly, we find the clients who are most successful with this process, schedule their project 3-5 weeks in advance, and have all photos and branding elements ready to go before the project kickoff.

3. Prep work

We know a lot about efficient copy and web design, but you know your company the best. We make our prep work as fun as possible so you can download all your knowledge and we can make your business shine on your new site.

4. Prep Call

One week before your project start date, we’ll hop on a call to review your prep work, share inspiration, and make sure we are on the same page for your One Week Website. After this call you can sit back and relax until it’s time to review your site.

5. Copy + Design week

This isn’t our first rodeo. We work together to create your site’s copy and design so you can see the full picture and mark any feedback or changes to both elements at once. After everything is approved, we dive into development.

3. Launch time!

Once your site is approved, we’ll help you get your domain connected and take it live! You’ll receive a custom tutorial on how to edit and maintain your site moving forward. You’ll also have access to us for an additional week to answer any lingering questions.

What’s included


One-Hour Prep Call


Brand Messaging Guide


Web Copy + Design for 5 Pages


Curated Stock Images


Blog Setup


Product or Portfolio Pages Setup


Newsletter + Social Media Integration


Mobile Optimization


SEO Essentials


Video Tutorial

Investment: $6000

Payment plans available.

Can we seriously do this in a week?

You tell us.

This is for you if…

  • You have a clear vision for your brand and website, you just need a little help bringing that vision to life.
  • You trust our copy and design expertise, and are comfortable with minimal edits along the way.
  • You are the primary decision maker and are able to approve creative concepts quickly without the input of other stakeholders.

Maybe try something else if…

  • You want to explore multiple design concepts, custom development, or a large number of products or pages.
  • You want an increased number of revisions or touchpoints to check-in during the process.
  • You have a large number of stakeholders responsible for design and copy feedback, and need a longer process for feedback and revisions.

The One Week Website

5 pages | done-for-you copy + design | 1 week

What if I have 6 pages? Can I still get a One Week Website?

Additional pages are available for $500/page. Depending on the number of pages you add, the project timeline may be extended slightly. Fill out an application form with more info and we can help you decide if the One Week Website is right for you.

Are there any other add-ons for the One Week Website?

Absolutely! Here are some of our most popular add-on services:

  • Branding Intensive (+1 Week | $1750)
  • Additional Pages ($500/page)
  • Marketing Roadmap (+1 Week | $2000)
  • Lead magnet copy + design (+1 Week | $2000)

On our discovery call, we’ll discuss your goals and which add-ons, if any, would make sense for you.

Are there any other expenses to consider?

In order to launch a website, you’ll need to purchase the following:

  • Hosting plan
  • Domain (i.e. yourbusiness.com)

Pricing varies depending on which plan and service provider you choose.

Additional (optional) expenses for a website may include:

  • Professional branding
  • Brand photography
  • Premium stock photography
  • Premium font licensing
Which platforms do you work with?
The One Week Website is currently available for Squarespace and Shopify.
Will I be able to edit my site on my own?

Absolutely! As part of the One Week Website experience, you’ll receive a video tutorial with instructions on how to edit and maintain your site moving forward.

I have more questions--can we talk?

Sure thing! Simply fill out an application, and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days with a link to schedule a free discovery call.

Get Started

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