Beauty With Intuition

Beauty With Intuition is a luxury lash services brand that combines technology and intuition to create bespoke, natural-looking results. Their clients are professional, career-driven women who value looking effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. Whereas many lash and beauty brands focus on youthful and dramatic results, Beauty With Intuition specializes in creating a look that enhances a woman’s natural beauty, no matter her age.

Our goal for this custom branding project was to develop an elegant and intentional brand that aligns with BWI’s values and would resonate with clients looking for a high-end lash experience. The logomark illustration evokes the spiral goddess symbol, which represents feminine power. The lightweight typography is both elegant and modern. And the neutral color palette contributes to the timeless and “less is more” ethos of the brand.

Logo design mockup for lash technician brand
Primary logo design for Beauty With Intuition
Secondary logo design for Beauty With Intuition
Brand guidelines and business card design for lash brand
Branding and web design for small business

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