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Buoyant Bloomer

Buoyant Bloomer is an educational brand that bridges the gap between traditional schooling and at-home education for children ages five and under. The brand’s mission is to empower parents to supplement their children’s education at home in order to help foster their love of learning and prepare them for the high-stakes college race, without feeling pressured to invest in expensive private school tuition.

Our objective in developing this custom brand identity was to create a premium look and feel that is joyful yet deliberate. The logomark illustration symbolically conveys the brand values of financial wellness (flower), play (puzzle), and wisdom (owl). The shield shape for the logo mirrors the traditional academic logo style often used by private schools and universities, conveying that the brand is high quality and trustworthy.


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Buoyant Bloomer Brand Guidelines
Buoyant Bloomer Logo in Plum
Buoyant Bloomer Logo
Buoyant Bloomer Logomark
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The color palette draws inspiration from jewel tones. It’s elegant, but also bold and inspiring. The primary brand color is plum. Plum conveys wisdom and imagination; emerald conveys harmony and prosperity, and gold conveys enthusiasm and confidence.

Buoyant Bloomer Color Palette
Instagram grid mockup for Buoyant Bloomer
Buoyant Bloomer Logotype

“Steph was so amazing – nailed the vibe and intent I was going for out of the gate and kept to the project plan as promised. A collaborative experience of the highest caliber and something I wish all projects could feel like! Steph’s creativity, professionalism, and intuition are out of this world – you can book her with confidence and know you are in great hands.”

Kim Liao, Founder of Buoyant Bloomer

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