Chateau Noir

This is a conceptual brand design project for a cocktail bar in NYC. Chateau Noir is an upscale establishment that features a dark and alluring ambiance and specializes in gourmet, handcrafted cocktails. It’s a hidden gem popular among both locals and traveling cocktail connoisseurs alike.

The visual direction for the brand is elegant and understated, reflecting the atmosphere and interior of the bar itself. The primary typeface, Voyage, beautifully encapsulates the overall look and feel. The branding also features a custom, simple logomark in the shape of a martini glass. The martini is one of the most recognizable cocktails and was described by E.B. White as “the elixir of quietude,” a definition that suits Chateau Noir itself.



Chateau Noir Brand Guidelines
Logo for Chateau Noir on paper
Dark logo for Chateau Noir
Menu design mockup for Chateau Noir cocktail bar
Chateau Noir logo design mockup

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