Cultivate Financial Wellness


Cultivate Financial Wellness is dedicated to helping women make smart, values-based decisions with money in the wake of major life changes. Through a deep and long-term relationship, clients cultivate long-term financial wellness – ultimately resulting in an overall sense of well-being. The objective of this project was to create a warm and feminine brand identity that reflects the brand’s unique characteristics and exceptional quality of service built on 20 years of experience.

Target audience

Women, ages 50+, going through (or anticipating) major life transitions such as divorce, death of a spouse/partner or parent, sale of a business, retirement.


Brand identity design
Stationery design
WordPress website design & development

Cultivate Financial Wellness responsive website design mockup

Primary + Secondary Logos

primary logo

secondary logo



Cultivate Financial Wellness stationery design
Cultivate Financial Wellness homepage design


The color palette features soft, neutral shades of lavender, pink, turquoise, and grey. The primary colors for the brand are the two shades of lavender, which are feminine, soothing, and warm. The pink and turquoise colors are used minimally as accent colors.


The below section showcases the font pairing chosen for the brand. The heading font is Lora, and the body font is Source Sans Pro

This is a Heading

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