Website design for fitness studio

Y2B Fit

Fitness studio in Philadelphia, PA

Y2B Fit is a local fitness studio that offers both virtual and in-person classes, such as HIIT, Barre, Yoga, Wellness Coaching, Private Training, and more. During the pandemic, the studio pivoted and went fully online. Then in 2022, they opened a new studio space in East Falls, Philadelphia.

While these major pivots took place, Y2B’s website remained the same as it was when it was built in 2015. When the owners reached out to us in late 2022, they knew that a website redesign was long overdue.

For this custom website project, we started with a mini brand refresh to modernize the colors, fonts, and overall brand aesthetic. We then collaborated with a copywriter to develop a new, strategic site that’s:

  • more streamlined and easier to navigate
  • visually aligned with Y2B’s branding
  • up-to-date with the studio’s current offers
  • optimized for mobile screens
  • warm and inviting, like the studio itself

Since speed was a priority for this project, we implemented an efficient, 2-week sprint process for custom copy, design, and development. During these 2 weeks, we focused exclusively on this project.

Click here to view the final result!


Brand Refresh
Web Design
WordPress Development


Messaging + Copywriting: Haley Johnson

Responsive web design mockup for Y2B Fit
Local gym web design
Custom web design for local fitness studio Y2B Fit

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