Angelo Law Firm

Angelo Law Firm PLLC is a solo law practice that specializes in helping corporations navigate and comply with international cyber and privacy laws. The objective of this project was to create a new brand identity and website that help position the firm as the go-to legal expert among global business communities in the constantly evolving cyber liability and data privacy niche. The scope of work also included custom website copy.


Website Copywriting
Web Design + Development

Angelo Law Firm Laptop Mockup

primary logo

secondary logo

logo mark

Embossed logo for Angelo Law Firm on purple paper


The color palette contains three shades of blue, two neutral colors, plus a complementary deep purple. Blue conveys trust and competence, whereas purple represents wisdom and luxury. Overall, the palette creates a sophisticated, trustworthy, and high-end look and feel that would resonate with corporate clients.

Responsive web design for Angelo Law Firm
Angelo Law Firm Homepage Mockup

Click here to view the live WordPress website created for Angelo Law Firm.

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Portrait photography by Divya Pande.

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