You’ve got a backlog of design work that you’ve been procrastinating on for one reason or another.


What if we got it all done in one day?


Book Me for a Day



You’re busy. I’m busy. The busier we are, the longer it takes to complete a project. Graphic design is an iterative process, meaning there’s some amount of back and forth between myself, the designer, and you, the client. In between, we’re distracted by other projects, responsibilities, and life in general. Surely there’s a more efficient way to get things done!


The way this works is by eliminating distractions and narrowing our focus to the project at hand. We’ll start off with a call to chat details, at the end of which we’ll agree on a date for our single day project. We each commit to dedicating that day solely to this project. That means we won’t schedule any other meetings or appointments on that date.


The entire project will be conducted virtually. Beforehand, I’ll prepare a detailed agenda for the day outlining the estimated timeline for each deliverable of the project, with room for feedback and revisions. The project will be managed via Asana, and we will communicate throughout the day via text, email, and phone calls.

Broadway Collective workbook design mockup

So what can we accomplish in one day?

Here are some examples of what you could expect to receive after one full day of working with me:

  • Website updates and page building
  • Slide deck design for a webinar, course or pitch deck
  • Ebook or workbook design
  • Set of branded social media graphics
  • Suite of newsletter designs
  • Website style guide
  • SEO research and implementation
  • Or a mix-and-match combination of any of the above!


How do I pay?

I accept payment via PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at contract signing to reserve your spot. The remaining balance is due by our project date.

How far in advance can I book?

I will gladly book your prep call up to 3 weeks in advance. The project date should ideally occur no more than 1 week after our prep call.

Do we have to be in the same time zone?

Unfortunately, this process won’t work if we’re located on opposite ends of the world. Therefore, I’m only able to accept clients based in the continental US and Canada (ideally in the Pacific time zone). That being said, all my other services are available to international clients!

What if we don't finish everything in one day?

In the unlikely event that we’re not able to complete the project in one day, I will invoice you at my hourly rate for the remainder of the work, to be delivered on an agreed upon date. Alternatively, you’re welcome to book an additional day or half-day.

Can I book more than one day?


Can you create my website?

Unfortunately, one day does not allow enough time to strategize, design and build a new website, however I’m happy to update or build on an existing site. If you need a new website, you may book multiple days or contact me to discuss other options.