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Haley Johnson

Haley is a marketing expert and copywriter who specializes in “ethical and supportive customer journey strategy for values-driven service providers.” She is also the Founder of Propegy, a marketing agency that specializes in LinkedIn lead generation.

When Haley approached me for this project, she was in the process of creating a personal brand separate from her marketing agency and in need of brand and web design support. As a creative herself, she had started to DIY her brand and website but ultimately found that it was taking up too much of her time.

First, she booked a Branding Intensive to create her new brand identity in a day; when the branding was complete, she booked a One Day Website to create a semi-custom website using one of my WordPress website templates.

In just two full days of working together, I created a custom brand and beautiful website that perfectly encapsulated Haley’s bright personality and industry expertise.

Haley brand style guide
Buoyant Bloomer Business Card Design

Primary Logo

Custom Brand Marks

Haley mobile website mockup
Haley One Day Website Mockup

“Steph knocked it out of the park for my brand and web design! I’d struggled with DIYing for years before finally deciding to hand it all over to her and I’m so so glad I did. In the past I’d worried that one day wouldn’t be enough for a full brand or that a templated site would be too generic but my brand and website do such a great job of reflecting who I am as a person and a business owner. I have another brand and site that I’m already planning for Steph to spruce up for me. I know it’s the same thing but 5/5 isn’t enough I’m giving Steph a 10/10!”

Click here to view Haley’s live website.

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