4 signs it’s time to rebrand your business

Jul 24, 2019 | Branding

Thinking about rebranding your business? Since you landed on this page, I’m guessing the answer is yes! Rebranding is common and even essential in order for businesses to remain relevant over time. Brands are kind of like people in the sense that they are constantly evolving. That being said, rebranding is a big investment. Plus, if it’s not done well, you risk confusing or turning off your customer base. Read on to discover four key signs that it’s time to rebrand your business.

4 reasons to consider rebranding

1. Your business changed direction

If your business has changed in any major way since you last branded, it’s likely time to rebrand your business. Major changes include releasing new services or products, expanding to new markets, or shifting your target demographic. Now, I’m not saying you should rebrand every time you release something new. But if a new offer or feature takes your business in a different direction than it was formerly headed in, your branding needs to reflect that shift.

2. You’ve outgrown your current branding

Did you DIY your branding when you were starting out? Or hire a newbie designer with cheap rates? There’s no shame in having a tight budget–we all have to start somewhere. But chances are, the cheap branding you invested in back in the day was not built to last. Pre-made brand templates and $50 logos from Fiverr are short-term solutions. They’ll get you moving, but they’re not tailored to your brand’s values, traits, and ideal clients, meaning they’re actually damaging in the long run. As soon as you can afford it, invest in quality, professional branding that is customized to your unique business–the difference will amaze you.

3. You’re not attracting your ideal clients

One of the most important roles of your brand identity is to attract your ideal customers. If you find yourself frequently working with less-than-ideal clients, it’s time to rebrand your business. Maybe your messaging isn’t resonating with the right people. Maybe they’re not even finding you in the first place because you’re not hanging out (and marketing) in the right places. Working with your dream clients is entirely possible, so long as your branding is on point. Oftentimes, the issue here is that you’re just not specific enough about who your ideal clients are. The more narrow your focus, the more you’ll understand who you’re trying to reach and how to connect with them.

4. Your brand looks or feels outdated

Are you embarrassed to share your website or business card with potential clients? That right there is a clear sign that it’s time to rebrand your business. An outdated website is recognizable from a mile away. No one is eager to work with someone whose website hasn’t been updated in 5 years. Imagine the vibe that gives off. Rebranding, if done well, will instill you with the confidence to put your brand out there as much as possible. That confidence will carry through your work and your interactions with potential clients. Keep your brand’s visual identity fresh and up-to-date in order to communicate that your brand is relevant and adaptable.

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to any of the above points, let’s revamp that brand of yours. Schedule a free discovery call to find out how I can support you in building a brand in alignment with your vision and values.

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