5 of the best brand color schemes of 2018

Nov 28, 2018 | Branding, Color Palettes

Branding and marketing experts know that color says a lot about a brand. Color psychology has long been a popular way to differentiate logos, company feels and emotional ethos. The best brand color schemes not only look great, but also speak to the qualities and personality of your brand.

So, what does color mean?

Red: Energy, passion and action.

Orange: Happiness, fun, lighthearted.

Yellow: Cheerful, joyous, accessible.

Green: Natural, calming, monetary.

Blue: Trustworthy, corporate, versatile.

Purple: Edgy, authoritative, regal.

Pink: Feminine, youthful, philanthropic.

Black: Classy, modern, high-end.

Grey: Serious, mature, business.

I’ve dug my way through the internet to find some of the best brand color schemes I’ve seen this year. From emotive colors, brave combinations and accentuating accents – to slick, sharp and seductively simple… these are the 5 best brand color schemes of 2018:


Specialists in brand strategy, comms and all things digital – it’s no surprise that Omelet are doing everything right when it comes to color schemes. Aqua, yellow, turquoise, red and purple – a snapshot of the rainbow reflects a colorful and enigmatic brand. Their striking purple homepage suggests an off-the-wall creativity, but head to their People page for a really excellent use of color. The staff images create a perfect snapshot of their almost primary color palette. They’re just doing it, just right.


A quirky brand from across the pond – Seedlip are the UK’s answer to non-alcoholic tipples. Aside from a stunningly visual site design, full of integrated video and excellent photography; Seedlip have nailed the ‘greens mean nature’ ethos. Earthy sage and rich teal nestle together to create an air of sedate luxury. Throw in a couple of sandy tones or a blush lavender and you have the British countryside rolled into one simple color palette. Bravo chaps.

Christmas HQ

If you’re not yet feeling festive, then Christmas HQ has you covered! Plus, they’ve done it in style. Throw out the garish tomato red and ghastly bright green – Christmas HQ have donned a muted red/burgundy and a deep evergreen teal to produce a warmingly festive feel, without a barrage of tacky coloring. Set on a simple white background with dark teal text, this brand comes across as both comforting and luxurious. Ho ho ho-ld my glass of eggnog.

E. Shaw

Blue, black, white. It’s classy, it’s corporate and it’s trustworthy. For a global investment and technology firm, these 3 colors command respect and authority. Too many bright colors around a financial product suggests a happy-go-lucky approach – hmm, not ideal.

Keeping it simple and slick implies an implicit level of trust. Take my money sir!

You & Sundry

The ‘judgement-free, genderless parlor for short hair’. Not only an incredible message, but great delivery. You & Sundry have steered clear of gendered colors – in favor of a rich, warm yellow. Their other pages feature green, purple and bright blue to hark back to the LGBTQIA rainbow, without using it explicitly in their branding. The white background with super-visual font and hot colors suggests a warm and welcome vibe, with an edge of creativity. Snip snip to boring branding!

Has this post got you feeling inspired? What are your colors saying about you and your brand?

Need a hand? Pop me an email and, together, we can get you cozied up with color!

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