As a web designer, I spend a lot of time poring through stock images, both for my clients and for my own business. Since a lot of my clients are female entrepreneurs, I’m often searching for feminine stock photos to complement their brand. The eye is naturally drawn to images, especially ones that have people in them. Photographs tell stories and evoke certain emotions. Therefore, it’s important to choose your stock photos carefully.

When I’m browsing stock photos, I’m primarily looking for 3 things: quality, mood, and subject matter. For feminine stock photos specifically, I try to avoid relying too heavily on stereotypes, but generally seek out images that have a light, uplifting look and feel. And of course, they usually feature women. Female entrepreneurs are powerhouses, capable of juggling work, family, and homemaking. In addition to all this, they maintain a sense of identity that’s unique to them and separate from their various responsibilities.

With all this in mind, I’ve curated here a collection of feminine stock photos for ambitious female entrepreneurs. Each photo is linked to its source, where it’s free to download. These photos convey all the qualities that I associate with women who start businesses: creativity, grit, grace, curiosity, vision, cleverness, and collaboration.

How to use these feminine stock photos

Here are a few ways in which you can put these photos to use for your brand:

  • Create a mood board to help guide the creative direction for your brand (grab my free templates here!)
  • Create an on-brand collage to spice up your website
  • Use them as featured images for your blog posts
  • Post them on Instagram with an engaging caption
  • Use them to create beautiful pins for Pinterest

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