Top 5 web design trend predictions for 2024

Jan 29, 2024 | For Designers, Web Design

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, especially as technology continues to advance at a breakneck pace. As we progress into 2024, we can expect to see a number of web design trends fueled by these advancements take hold. For example, AI technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and unsurprisingly, it’s infiltrating the web design world as well. Whether this change is for better or for worse remains to be seen.

However, AI-generated designs aren’t the only trend we’re currently seeing play out on the web. In this post, we’ll look at five unique web design trends that are having their moment in 2024.

We’ll also briefly discuss whether these trends are worth investing in for your website. The definition of a trend is that it’s fleeting, and therefore not ideal for most small business owners who are looking to create a timeless and cost-effective website to support their business in the long term. That said, there can certainly be value to incorporating design trends, and we’ll touch on some smart ways to do so.

5 web design trends (2024)

In no particular order, here are five top web design trends that are changing the face of the Internet in 2024.

1. Loud Typography

The use of large, bold typography in web design isn’t new, but it’s a trend that I predict we’ll continue to see more of in 2024. What better way to grab a user’s attention than with huge words that span the width of the screen?

Example of bold typography web design trend

Source: SaveDay

Although the concept of loud typography is simple, there are many ways to get creative with this trend. In some cases, the brand’s logotype is front and center, compelling the user to scroll to find more content. On other sites, the text is a short and sweet headline that provides a little bit of context for the site; just enough to pique your interest.

Large typography in web design

Source: Juliet

Overall, this trend can have a strong, positive impact when used in the right way. However, I would avoid using it for e-commerce or content-heavy sites where it becomes an impediment to the user, rather than an enticement.

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2. Maximalism

For the past few years, minimalism has been all the rage in digital design. And in fact, it continues to have a strong presence due to its timelessness. Nevertheless, there appears to be a resurgence of its opposite, maximalism, on the web in 2024.

Maximalism allows designers to get creative in ways that minimalism doesn’t allow for. Pushing the boundaries of design lets designers create websites that feel truly unique, helping brands stand out in competitive landscapes. The danger, of course, is that maximalism can result in visual overwhelm when not done in a tasteful, discerning way.

Maximalism web design trend

Source: Little Big

One way to incorporate maximalism in design without creating unintended chaos is to choose just one maximalist element to focus on. Some examples of these elements include large or intricate typography, overlapping imagery, colorful gradients, moving objects or animations, hand-drawn elements, and 3D imagery.

3. Y2K Aesthetic

Coming on the heels of the maximalism trend is an emergence of websites with a Y2K aesthetic. This is hardly surprising; nostalgia is always trendy. And now that millennials are currently the largest generation by size with a total spending power of $2.5 trillion, it just makes sense for advertisers to target their nostalgia for the era they grew up in.

Source: Girls Who Code Girls

So, what exactly does a Y2K aesthetic look like? Some examples include the use of pixel art, neon colors, geometric shapes, and shiny effects. For a fun throwback, check out the Web Design Museum’s exhibit of websites from that era. How things have changed!

You won’t find many modern websites that look exactly like the websites of old, however. In order to pull off a retro look in 2024, it’s essential to marry the old and the new; you don’t want a site that looks outdated.

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4. AI-Generated Imagery

Whether you like it or not, AI is taking the digital world by storm. Although AI-generated website builders are still, in my opinion, pretty underwhelming, there are a number of ways to use AI to accessorize websites. Namely, you can use AI to generate images.

AI image generator website

Source: Visual Electric

AI-generated images are currently being used on some sites in place of stock images or human-made illustrations. They can also be used to stage products in artificial environments. Why use AI for these purposes? Simply, it saves businesses a lot of time and money. And for some artists, AI helps them transcend the limits of their imagination.

Due to the nature of these images, it’s hard to find specific examples of them. Photorealistic images can be hard to spot or differentiate from a real photo that was simply edited. Brands don’t have to disclose whether their images are real or AI-generated. But you can bet that more and more of them are going to hop onto this web design trend in 2024, given the time and cost savings.

5. Motion Effects and Interactivity

Another web design trend that’s not new but is continuing to grow this year is the use of motion and interactive effects. These effects can make a website more engaging while also delivering a wow-factor that many static websites lack.

Animated website for Supershine

Source: Supershine

Brands across a lot of different industries could benefit from adding interactive elements and motion effects to their site, particularly creative brands like digital agencies, filmmakers, and innovative startups.

Motion effects web design trend

Source: Duck English

Motion effects are a tricky design element that can be difficult to implement without strong development skills. However, many modern website builders, like Divi for WordPress, include some built-in features, like hover effects and basic animations. For more advanced motion effects, a robust platform like Webflow can take you pretty far without having to write code.

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Are these web design trends right for you?

In this post, we reviewed five design trends that are taking the web by storm in 2024. Each of them is trendy for a reason, whether for visual impact, nostalgia, or time-saving technology. But which of these trends is right for you?

Although trends are powerful, they are also temporary, and therefore you don’t need to stress over keeping up with them. If your website already has a strong conversion rate, for example, you may want to be wary of making any major changes.

If you’re in a creative field or you want to launch a new project with a bang, then it may be worth taking advantage of these trends to show that you’re ahead of the times. Just keep in mind that you may need to refresh your site again in a year or so when new trends take over.

As a web designer, my personal recommendation when it comes to design trends is to play with them if you have the time and resources. For example, you could choose one of the above trends and implement it just on your homepage. That way, once the trend dies out, you only need to update one page. And who knows, maybe it’ll help you engage a tired audience or catch the eye of an important new client.

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