7 modern Google font pairings for minimalist brands

Mar 9, 2020 | Branding, Fonts, For Designers

On the hunt for some modern font pairings to help elevate your brand? I’ve got you covered. Modern and minimalist design go hand-in-hand. Think about some of your favorite modern brands–Apple, Nike, and Tesla come to mind. What do they have in common, apart from creating highly in-demand products with almost a cult-like following? They all feature a minimalist visual brand identity.

When it comes to creating a modern and minimalist brand, simple typography goes a long way. Choosing the right font pairing for your brand is an important part of establishing the look and feel you’re going for. If you’re looking to establish a clean and minimalist brand identity, check out the below modern font pairings for inspiration. All of these fonts, except Glacial Indifference, are available to download for free at Google Fonts. Glacial Indifference is available at Font Squirrel.

Font Pairing #1: Montserrat + Lato

Montserrat Lato modern font pairing

Font Pairing #2: Raleway + Open Sans

Raleway and Open Sans font pairing

Font Pairing #3: Lora Italic + Nanum Gothic

Lora and Nanum Gothic Google Font Pairing

Font Pairing #4: Glacial Indifference + Assistant

Glacial Indifference font pairing

Font Pairing #5: Poppins Light + Source Sans Pro

Poppins and Source Sans Pro Google Fonts

Font Pairing #6: DM Serif Display + DM Sans

Modern Google font pairing with DM Serif and DM Sans

Font Pairing #7: Oswald + Roboto

Minimalist Google font pairing with Oswald and Roboto


You may have noticed that most of these modern font pairings feature sans serif typefaces. Geometric, sans serif fonts inherently have a clean and minimalist look to them. That said, don’t be afraid to play around with other styles as well. Lora is a serif font, but as you can see, it still gives off a modern and minimalist vibe. Typefaces are important, but they’re only one piece of the branding puzzle. Other factors that contribute to a minimalist brand identity include imagery, color, and layout.

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