5 beautiful font pairings for premium brands

Nov 17, 2020 | Branding, Fonts, For Designers

When creating premium brand identities for my clients, I often spend hours just browsing beautiful font pairings. Typography is just as important in branding and web design as colors, layout, and imagery. Every typeface has a unique personality and “vibe” that contribute to the overall look and feel of a brand or website. In order to create a premium brand, you’ll need a beautiful font pairing that evokes elegance, class, and quality.

In this post, I’ve curated five of my favorite font pairings for upscale brands, websites, and other design projects. I’ve also included a few suggested use cases for each pairing. Although you’re welcome to copy these exact pairings, feel free to mix and match to create your own unique font system for your brand. Most of these fonts are open-source, but some require a premium license.

1. Didot + Avenir

Didot and Avenir font pairing

Didot is named after a famous French printing and type foundry from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This classic typeface is precise and timeless. Avenir is a rounded geometric sans-serif font. With this combination, classic and modern come together to create a beautiful and versatile font pairing.

Perfect for: Fashion, Editorial, Beauty

Get Didot | Get Avenir

2. Sofia Pro Bold + Inconsolata

Sofia Pro and Inconsolata font pairing

Sofia Pro is a modern, geometrical sans-serif font. Its rounded curves create a friendly and harmonious look and feel. Sofia Pro works well both as a headline and a body font. Inconsolata, used here as a body font, is a monospaced typeface that was designed for programming applications. Together, these two fonts create a unique and nostalgic look.

Perfect for: Tech, Agencies, Artists

Get Sofia Pro | Get Inconsolata

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3. Prata + DM Sans

Prata and DM Sans font pairing

Prata is a serif typeface that belongs to the Didone classification (notice the similarities between Prata and Didot?) Prata’s distinguishing feature is its teardrop shaped terminals, which create an elegant, feminine, and refined look. DM Sans is a rounded, geometrical typeface that works well for body text due to its legibility. Taken together, this beautiful font pairing is modern, sophisticated, and a touch feminine.

Perfect for: Fashion, Beauty, Editorial

Get Prata | Get DM Sans

4. Audrey + Libre Baskerville

Audrey and Libre Baskerville font pairing

Audrey is an elegant and minimalist sans serif font created by Cristina Pagnotta. Its contrast and rounded curves make it a beautiful option for headings and display. Libre Baskerville is a serif font, based on the more well-known Baskerville font, that is optimized for website body text. It pairs perfectly with modern, sans serif fonts like Audrey.

Perfect for: Creatives, Luxury

Get Audrey | Get Libre Baskerville

5. Americana + Proxima Nova

Americana and Proxima Nova font pairing

Americana is a fun and friendly typeface that was created in 1965 in tribute to the United States Bicentennial. Featuring wide letterforms and an exaggerated x-height, Americana is a unique and eye-catching font that works best for large headings and displays. Proxima Nova is a simple and clean sans serif font that is widely popular on the web, especially among digital media companies. It’s extremely versatile and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself, which makes it a great body font to complement heading fonts with more personality, like Americana.

Perfect for: Creatives, Startups, Retail

Get Americana I Get Proxima Nova

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