Where to find web design inspiration: 10+ useful websites

Apr 1, 2024 | For Designers, Web Design

Wondering where to find the best web design inspiration for your next design project, or perhaps for your own site? Fortunately, the Internet is full of incredible, curated resources that can spark some fresh ideas for your project.

As a web designer myself, I spend many hours each month browsing the web for innovative design ideas for my client projects and to keep abreast of new design trends. In this post, I’ll share my go-to sources, plus a few new websites that I discovered while doing research for this post.

Whether you’re a designer looking to spark creativity or a small business owner seeking ideas for your brand’s digital home, these 10+ websites are valuable resources to guide and inspire you on your web design journey.

10 Web Design Inspiration Websites

In no particular order, here are 10 vetted sources for web design inspiration.

1. Awwwards

Award-winning web design inspiration via Awwwards

Awwwards is a prestigious online platform that celebrates and recognizes exceptional web design. When it comes to award-winning web design inspiration, this website is one of the best resources available. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Sites of the Day collection, which features winning website designs in chronological order. You can also use the search bar to filter websites by industry, style, design tools, and more.

Awwwards Highlights:

  • Curates the best of web design, showcasing innovative and visually stunning websites.
  • Features award-winning designs voted on by a panel of experts.
  • Provides inspiration for cutting-edge trends and techniques in web design.

2. SiteInspire

Web design inspiration on Site Inspire

SiteInspire offers a wealth of curated website design inspiration via a simple and intuitive user interface. For general inspiration, simply scroll through the homepage to view featured designs in chronological order. For more niche inspiration, use any of the helpful filters in the top left corner. You can filter websites by style (e.g. typographic, minimal, editorial, etc.), type (e.g. nonprofit, blog, ecommerce, etc.), subject, and platform. You can also combine filters for even more curated inspiration.

SiteInspire Highlights:

  • Offers a vast collection of well-designed websites across various categories.
  • Allows users to filter designs by style, type, and industry.
  • Great for discovering diverse design approaches and trends.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble is a platform for creatives to share design work

Dribbble is a vibrant online community and platform where designers, illustrators, and creatives showcase their work, share ideas, and seek feedback. The platform is known for its focus on visual content, enabling users to share snapshots of their projects, including website designs. In order to browse Dribbble’s full catalog, it’s necessary to create a free account. Aside from showcasing design work, Dribbble also offers an active job board.

Dribbble Highlights:

  • A vibrant community of designers sharing their work and ideas.
  • Provides insights into the latest design trends and styles.
  • Offers a platform for collaboration and feedback from peers.

4. Behance

UI and UX design inspiration on Behance

Behance is a popular portfolio platform owned by Adobe, where designers can share their work and get discovered by companies seeking talented freelancers. Unlike similar platforms like Dribbble, Behance allows users to create detailed project pages, providing insights into their creative process, techniques used, and project outcomes. To view curated web design inspiration on Behance, filter by UI/UX.

Behance Highlights:

  • Showcases portfolios of talented designers, including web design projects.
  • Allows for detailed exploration of design processes and case studies.
  • Used by many top designers worldwide; follow your favorite designers for curated inspiration in your preferred style.

5. One Page Love

One-page website design inspiration via One Page Love

One Page Love is a curated resource for a specific type of web design inspiration: the one-page website. Contrary to popular belief, a website doesn’t need to have pages and pages of content in order to be of immense value to a brand. Single-page websites are common for startup landing pages, portfolios, events, and miscellaneous informational sites.

One Page Love Highlights:

  • Focuses on showcasing exemplary one-page website designs.
  • Provides inspiration for concise and impactful design solutions.
  • Ideal for projects with a focus on simplicity and user engagement.

6. Typewolf

Typewolf offers typography in web design inspiration

One of the design resources I return to the most for inspiration is Typewolf, a specialized website that focuses on typography in web design. As a type-obsessed designer, I love browsing Typewolf’s curated collections of typefaces used in various web projects. New websites are added to the showcase weekly. You can also check out Typewolf’s site collections, featuring the editor’s top 40 favorite sites for portfolios, design studios, and e-commerce. Although primarily a destination for typography inspiration, don’t overlook this website as a source for beautiful web design inspiration.

Typewolf Highlights:

  • Specializes in typography-focused design inspiration.
  • Offers curated collections of fonts and typefaces used in web design.
  • Great for understanding the role of typography in creating effective design compositions.

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7. Godly Website

Godly showcases only the best website designs

Godly is a relatively new web design inspiration platform that aims to selectively curate “only the best of the best.” Most of the websites showcased here feature futuristic-feeling designs with intricate animations and hover effects. If you’re seeking truly innovative and out-of-the-box inspiration for your project, Godly is a good place to start.

Godly Highlights:

  • Features a collection of websites with exceptional UX/UI design.
  • Primarily showcases SaaS, tech, and agency websites.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with screen recordings (rather than static screen shots).

8. Lapa Ninja

Lapa ninja is an expansive landing page design gallery

One of my favorite web design inspiration resources that I’ve used for years is Lapa Ninja. (If you’re wondering, Lapa is short for landing page.) This extensive resource features thousands of websites across almost every industry you can think of. In addition to filtering by industry, you can also filter by style and color, which comes in handy when searching for websites that fit a particular aesthetic or color scheme. The one downside to Lapa Ninja is that it has quite a few ads compared to other platforms, however I don’t find them obtrusive enough to outweigh the positives.

Lapa.ninja Highlights:

  • Curates landing page designs across different categories for inspiration and reference.
  • Showcases various design styles and approaches to landing page layouts.
  • Updated daily.

9. Landbook

Curated landing page design inspiration on Landbook

Landbook is another clean and minimal web design inspiration platform updated daily with curated designs. Primarily built with creatives in mind, this resource allows you to browse by website, components, and templates. Although you can start browsing for free, you’ll need a Pro subscription to unlock the full catalog of design inspiration.

Landbook Highlights:

  • Offers a collection of well-designed landing pages and web design components.
  • Includes detailed screenshots and descriptions of design elements.
  • Free browsing is somewhat limited.

10. CSS Nectar

Website design inspiration via CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar is a curated resource for top-notch web design inspiration. Unlike other platforms on this list, a fee is required to submit a website for consideration. Once a website is submitted, it must then be manually approved, ensuring that only quality work is featured. A unique feature of CSS Nectar is that the public is free to rate each site on design, coding, and creativity on a scale of 1-10. Sites with the highest ratings may win the title of Site of the Day.

CSS Nectar Highlights:

  • Showcases websites with exemplary web design and development.
  • Highlights creative uses of animations, transitions, and effects.
  • Valuable for designers looking to push the boundaries of creativity in web design.

Additional resources for website design inspiration

Aside from the curated resources featured above, there are a few other platforms worth mentioning for design inspiration. For one, Pinterest is a visual platform useful for curating inspiration for many different kinds of projects, including web design. Instagram is also filled with web design inspiration, which you can easily find by searching on the Explore page.

Additional resources to consider checking out include platform-specific showcases. Website platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow all have a gallery of featured websites built on their platform. This can be helpful when you’re looking for ideas on how to push the boundaries of a particular website builder you’re working with.

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