9 best personal website examples for inspiration (2022)

Oct 6, 2022 | Web Design

When you’re building a personal brand, it’s essential to have a well-designed and strategic website to serve as your virtual home base. Your personal website should reflect your values, expertise, and personality, while also providing an intuitive and engaging experience for your audience.

As a brand and web designer for small businesses, I often work with personal brands, such as coaches, consultants, and online educators. Through this experience, I’ve formed a deep understanding of what it takes to build a strong personal brand and website that are unique to you and will stand out in the crowd. In this post, we’ll take a look at nine beautiful personal website examples to use as inspiration for your brand.

9 personal website examples

Here is a curated selection of personal website examples that I’ve encountered while either doing research for my clients or simply browsing the web. Many of these names are likely ones you’ll recognize. But you don’t have to have an enormous reach and/or 6-figure marketing budget in order to create a powerful website for your personal brand. All it requires is a bit of strategy and the right creative partner to help you deliver.

In no particular order, let’s dive into these examples.

1. Kylie de Boer

Kylie de Boer's freelance website is a beautiful example of a personal website

Kylie’s website is a beautiful example of a clean, modern, and elevated personal website. This website effectively combines oversized typography and large images with plenty of whitespace to ensure the content is easy to consume. Add to this a neutral color palette and gentle animations and you’ve got an effortlessly high-end look and feel that is likely to resonate with Kylie’s ideal clients.

2. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo's energetic personal brand website

If you’re in the online business world, the name Marie Forleo is sure to ring a bell. Marie is an absolute powerhouse in the realm of personal development and entrepreneurship, and her website does an incredible job of reflecting just how influential her personal brand is. If you scroll through Marie’s homepage, you’ll notice that not only is it a good mix of punchy copy and engaging imagery, but it’s also filled to the brim with social proof. Marie has tons of endorsements from well-known celebrities like Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Michelle Obama, to name a few. She also shares success stories from her students to show how her brand impacts everyday folks like you and me. Although you may not be at Marie’s level of influence just yet, her website is one of the best personal website examples you can find.

3. Zendaya

Example of Zendaya's bold and simple personal website

What if you don’t need a personal website that has all the bells and whistles of an educational brand like Marie Forleo’s? For artists and consultants in particular, sometimes all you need is a single-page website that beautifully lays out your experience, bio, and qualifications. Zendaya’s website could just be the perfect example for you. The actress’ website is bold and visually striking, yet simple at the same time. It essentially serves as an online resume with a brief bio, a handful of images, and links to her film and TV appearances and press features.

4. Donald Miller

Donald Miller's Storybrand website is a great personal website example

I first became aware of Donald Miller when I read his popular and highly recommended book, Building a StoryBrand*. The StoryBrand Framework has gained such huge traction that it’s become very tightly woven with Donald’s personal brand. And so, unlike the other personal website examples on this list, this website is specific to the StoryBrand Framework. However, I still consider it a personal website in a sense, since Donald Miller is very much involved in the StoryBrand course and live workshops. The website is user-friendly and beautifully designed, and unsurprisingly, it makes use of the StoryBrand Framework to get people interested in the brand’s products. It’s a great example for anyone who sells educational products like courses, workshops, and books.

*affiliate link

5. The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a beautiful website

Whatever your personal feelings about this controversial royal couple may be, it’s hard to deny that they’ve done a beautiful job with their personal brand’s website. It has a regal, elegant look to it with its minimalist design, neutral color palette, and lightweight typography. Smooth animations and hover effects are like the cherry on top. If you’re looking for examples of elegant and luxurious personal websites, take some time to explore this site.

6. Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher's website is fun and packed with valuable content

Jenna Kutcher is another big name in the online business world. Jenna’s personal brand exudes warmth, authenticity, and excellence. With one million Instagram followers and a podcast that boasts over 75 million downloads, Jenna is clearly doing something right with her brand and website. (That’s not to say that follower count is everything, but it sure doesn’t hurt). Jenna’s website is a joy to experience. From the warm colors, smiley photos, and wealth of business resources, it’s a place that one could easily spend hours exploring – in a good way. I often pull up Jenna’s website when researching personal website examples because it does a great job of presenting a ton of valuable content in a non-overwhelming and aesthetically pleasing way.

7. Pat Flynn

Example of a personal website for serial entrepreneur Pat Flynn

While on the topic of influential online business educators, let’s take a look at Pat Flynn’s website. I discovered Pat through his popular podcast, Smart Passive Income (which has a website of its own). When I looked up Pat Flynn and landed on his website, I was surprised to find that he had many sides to his personal brand aside from podcasting and passive income. For serial entrepreneurs like Pat, it can be challenging to develop a personal brand that speaks to multiple, diverse interests without causing confusion. (You can see how I tackled a similar challenge with a client of mine here.) Pat’s website is a great example of a personal brand that effectively combines a variety of different interests under one roof. Overall, it’s clean, well-designed, and easy to navigate.

8. Nicole Nero Studio

Elegant website for a New York wedding photographer

This next personal website example is for my creative types. Nicole Nero Studio is a wedding photographer with a high-end, artistic aesthetic. Her brand and web design perfectly align with her style of photography. From the typography (Voyage is one of my personal favorites) to the unique scroll effects, this website exudes a luxurious feeling, exactly what many brides are searching for. Although Nicole’s website does a beautiful job of showcasing her work, you don’t have to be a photographer to create a website with a similar aesthetic. If you love elegance, creativity, and sophistication, let this site inspire you.

9. Haley Johnson

Personal brand and web design for Haley Johnson

Last but not least, I wanted to share an example of a website that doesn’t (yet) have quite the reach of some of the enormous personal brands on this list. Now, I’m a bit biased in sharing Haley’s website since I designed and built it myself, but it’s a great example for anyone looking to tastefully infuse color and personality into their brand and website. The website intentionally exudes Haley’s bubbly personality, which gives visitors a glimpse of what it would be like to work with her. In addition, the content is well-written (Haley is a copywriter, after all) and strategically organized in order to guide visitors on a journey from first impression to client inquiry. Created as part of my One Day Website experience, this website proves that you don’t need an enormous budget and reach in order to launch a beautiful, effective personal website.

Ready to create your own stunning personal website?

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